The Long Tail in your living room


Oyvind answers my quick link to Fortune Magazine with a very good post on how the net will change your media habits. I decided to comment on it with a separate article here:

Moving the internet into the living room has been done before. But the big problem with the WEB-TV products of the late ninties was the fact that the companies making those products didn’t understand the living room situation at all and thought that web pages as we know them today would be a good idea on the big screen. They soon realized that it was a horrible idea. Traditional web pages are not designed for the big screen and a remote.

So, over the last couple of years products like the media center softwares you find here and connected hardware boxes like the proposed Apple iTV box, the Xbox 360 and other devices starts to bring content from the internet into your living room with a front end that is tailored for the big screen and remote control navigation.

The quality on YouTube and Google video is not at all tailored for the big screen, but that quality will be better. And I think we’ll see that the audience develop a tolerance for low quality on certain types of content combined with a need for high definition and very high quality on other types of content.

This is the long tail entering a space where the big broadcasters have been ruling for the last decades. I repeat, we’re up for some groundbreaking change…

The Long Tail in your living room

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