Adobe Photoshop Elements and MCE

I am using Adobe Photoshop Elements 4 to administrate my images. To make collections, simple editing, tagging and organizing.

I have more than 30 000 images in my collection and Photoshop Elements is one of the programs that actually handle that amount of pictures.


The picture module in Windows Media Center is pretty limited. And it does not support automatic rotation based on EXIF info. That is extremely annoying. And, when I have tagged a series of images with “The best pictures from the summer of 2006” I want to be able to run that exact collection as a slide show on my TV.

Now, if you install Photoshop Elements 4 on your MCE box you will get an option in more prorgrams that starts a Photoshop Elements plugin for MCE. It has the pretty slow and boring navigation like online spotlight services and most of the other plugins for MCE, but it lets you browse tags, collections and calendars from Photoshop Elements in MCE on your TV screen.

I must admit that on my 30 000 pictures collection it is quite slow, but as long as I have made the collection in Elements first this is a nice way to look at it on the TV screen.

And, it lets you view PSD-files in MCE and rotates images based on EXIF info…

Adobe Photoshop Elements and MCE

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