2 thoughts on “Designing for television

  1. I’m very glad you liked the article!

    I have more content to add in the days and weeks to come, and I would be very interested to hear your thoughts on how to make it a more complete reference for television design.

  2. I think you say it yourself at the end of the article:

    I will continue to update this article with more illustrations and facts.

    …and find the point where it makes sense to divide it into several articles or follow up with another one instead of updating the existing one.

    I have had success with articles that gets updated all the time, so don’t be afraid of the fact that this article goes down into the archive of your blog. It will still be there in google and in the links from other people. This article is old but still very much alive…

    Feel free to use the close ups from this article to illustrate CRT, LCD and Plasma.

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