Lefdal and the iPod Nano revisited

I promised a quick update on this when I had done my presentation for the Consumer Electronics Trade Foundation in Norway.

Back in August I posted an article on the fact that the Norwegian electronics retailer Lefdal sold iPod Nanos with a hard drive. I wrote the article mainly to show an example of the fact that more and more often there will be discussions about you, your product or your company out there on the net.

This was a short discussion about a typo in an ad. And people linked to it. Right now it’s the number one hit on a search for “kjøpe ipod nano” (buy an ipod nano). Number one of about 270 000 hits.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to join the dinner and the party together with the trade foundation after my presentation. Usually the most sincere and direct feedback is the one given during the evening. However, I got quite a bit of requests for other presentations from people in the audience, so I guess the presentation worked pretty well.

I used the example, and of course I needed to give the people from Lefdal a suggestion of how to react.

I don’t think they have missed a single sale of iPods because of my article. In fact I don’t think they have missed anything at all because of this little rant about a typo. But, they could have gained some cred by simply leaving a quick comment. Something like:

“LOL. Yes, this typo is slightly embarrasing. We make huge amounts of marketing material and do our best to make it accurate. It’s very nice that you appreciate accuracy and correct information. Of course we’ll fix this error for our next release.”

…or something like that. More than 500 people subscribe to this blog. Between 1000 and 2000 unique users stroll around in here every day. About 25% of them Norwegians. Not exactly millions of people, but a pretty valuable target group. I haven’t done any serious research, but I don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that my readers are above average interested in media, equipment and gadgets…

Lefdal and the iPod Nano revisited

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