Bold people

Today, VG – the biggest newspaper in Norway quotes me as one of Norway’s leading experts on new media. I take that as a compliment.

I am saying that traditional, linear broadcast channels have had their best years. That young people will not change their new media habits back to traditional media as they grow older and that Schibsted, a big Norwegian media owner that just sold their ownership in traditional broadcasting are pretty bold people.

Link to the electronic version. (Norwegian)

Bold people

2 thoughts on “Bold people

  1. I agree with your analysis – allthough I would probably have gone a bit further and perhaps descibed IP TV as a very possible disruptive technology for traditional broadcasting… (allthough this is very much politics I guess – at the moment broadcasting is very much regulated and IP is not – this might change). But with for example Microsoft now opening up for their Xbox360 being used more as an extended media client things might move very quickly.

    Btw, read a really good report on the future of telecoms in The Econmists 14th – 20th of october issue. Parts of it is available for free here:

  2. IPTV and the internet will live side by side with traditional broadcasting, but I think we have just seen the start of a massive shift of media habits…

    …and the article in the Economist is indeed interesting! Thanks.

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