Google and winter in Norway

Google is currently updating some satellite images for Norway. Problem is that these new images are taken during winter. And the difference between winter and summer in Norway is huge.

I don’t know what they’ll settle for, but a random combination of images from winter and summer makes both Google Earth and Google Maps look quite interesting.

Bonus link for new readers: My video of the seasons in Norway.

(Thanks, Anarkistix for the tip)

Google and winter in Norway

5 thoughts on “Google and winter in Norway

  1. So when they finally update the maps for Norway, they put up winter maps? Haha. How about decent maps for the capital… I live 20 minutes from the parlament and you can’t tell the difference from a house and a forest on the maps.

  2. It’s the usual prioritizing. Bad images for the eastern part of the city, excellent images for the western part. Here you can see the difference. You know, those east enders aren’t that important…

  3. Yes, I guess you’re right. And does it matter? The nice evening sun would make the screen impossible to watch anyway. Much better down in the dark west I guess…

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