The latest video news on your site


Do you want a nice video player with the latest news on your web site? Then Reuters is your friend. If you register and let them approve your site you will be allowed to paste their complete and always updated video player right into your blog. Just like you would paste any video from YouTube on your page.

I guess they want a bit of control of the sites that use their player. That’s why you will have to register and have your site approved before you are allowed to insert their player.

Interesting approach. I guess they understand that they have to publish their news the way people want it. If people have blogs and people want the news on their blogs, then let them have it.

Now I have to find a way to add this player to my current Netvibes start page. That’s where I really want it. Who knows, maybe there’s a Reuters News Player Widget out there already?

I forgot to mention that the player is available for US and UK sites only. Hmmm. What is It is hosted in the US, the language is English, but the author is Norwegian…

The latest video news on your site

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