iPods – now simply with “memory”

iPod nano ad

Just a quick update on the story about the not-so-important-typo in an ad for the iPod Nano. In their latest ad Lefdal simply state the amount of memory for all iPods. No harddrive or flash memory. Only memory. A good idea. After all, the average customer won’t care about the type of memory. They care about how many songs they’ll be able to store.

Here’s the update on the original story. And, I don’t know if they changed the text because of my insignificant rant…

iPods – now simply with “memory”

2 thoughts on “iPods – now simply with “memory”

  1. Tomas says:

    I’m annoyed that I have to ask : “Can I run with this in my pocket?” every time I want to check out a new portable media player. As we know, HDD based players are not very suitable for this as it can damage the HDD.

    The companies that make these products should do themselves, and us, a favour and categorize their products better.

    Sport-players (suitable for running)
    Music-libraries (huge storage)
    Music-on-the-go (non-sports, but small casing etc)


    What do you think?

  2. I totally agree, and that’s the reason for my initial article. Flash or HD, it does matter. But it seems like the general public don’t care. I guess those of us that are above average when it comes to interests for these things just have to do our homework on the net before we buy.

    You will never get any qualified information from the shop…

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