Pimp your image

my pimped pic!

PikiPimp.com lets you upload and have fun with your pictures. Another example of how pretty advanced applications find their way to the web. Fast, user friendly, hilarious and completely useless. Have fun!

Pimp your image

10 thoughts on “Pimp your image

  1. I use a drawing board. I have mainly used it for drawing over photos. An example is here.
    It can make interesting picutres. I use Inkscape which is an open source drawing program. Very good!

  2. I use the Wacom Bluetooth tablet ALL the time. An amazing product. It’s big enough to be useful and small enough to take it with you everywhere. It’s a little bit smaller than a 17″ Powerbook. Bluetooth = no cables. You just need to charge it from time to time.

  3. I think the Bluetooth model is exactly the right size, not too small, not too big. Where I work, designers used to buy huge A3 tablets. Nowadays most of them have sizes just below A4. The Bluetooth model comes in only one size.


    The Bluetooth model is great because it’s portable. I teach at school in Oslo, and it takes me 20 seconds to hook it up with any Mac in the classrooms.

  4. So does it work along with the mouse? I mean does the mouse still work, when the board is connected?

    Any experience with it in Photoshop or similar? Is it tricky to use or is it just a matter of time before you know it?

  5. It works together with the mouse. It’s a little tricky in the beginning because the placement of the pen is absolute and the placement of a mouse is relative. But no big deal. It’s pretty intuitive.

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