Updated news on your site

A while ago I wrote about the fact that Reuters gives bloggers and site owners a possibility to add their news player to their site.

It’s an interesting move, and absolutely in sync with my Broadcast 2.0 theory. You just have to get your site approved through this page. I guess Reuters don’t want their player on all kinds of sites.

Well, eirikso.com is approved. And here is the player:

If you read this in your RSS-reader the player will probably not show. Guess you’ll have to visit eirikso.com to have a look.

Updated news on your site

3 thoughts on “Updated news on your site

  1. How did you mangage to be approved? I tried, but got this answere.
    Reason for Denial: Thank you for applying. Unfortunately, sites outside of the US and UK are not currently supported. We will keep your information on file and notify you if/when we release the player in other countries. Thank you, The Reuters Team

  2. I read that they only provided this for US and UK based web sites. So, I told them the truth: This is a US based web site. Or, at least the servers are in the US and the language is English….

    I don’t think they’ll ban my site because of the fact that the main author happen to live in Norway. 🙂

    That said, I really can’t understand why they have that kind of restriction. The world is getting smaller, and english news on a foreign language web site is not a bad idea. Maybe it has something to do with the advertisers.

  3. I while ago I read somewhere on you site that you were renewing you site.

    When watching “KLIKK” (norwegian) and they reported that by using black background the US or even Norway would save much electricity, due to the fact that white backgrounds demands more light/electricity. – No, its not a joke!!!!

    Whats your thoughts on the environment in this matter?

    When I think of it, its better for the eyes to watch a black background…

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