Bud.tv about to launch

Bud.tv is an interesting experiment from a large advertiser. Budweiser bypass traditional media and start their own channel with entertainment and commercials. This kind of approach is changing some of the business models of traditional marketing.

The internet gives everyone a distribution channel. You don’t need expensive licenses, satellites or a huge printing press. Of course we’ll see a combination of advertising models, and Bud will obviously use traditional media to attract people to their new channel. From the email I just got from Budweiser:

This is only a preview of killer things to come! Don’t forget, pull up bud.TV when we bare it all right after the big game on Sunday, February 4th!

BMW have also done some cool stuff and in general these experiments will be interesting to follow.

Bud.tv about to launch

One thought on “Bud.tv about to launch

  1. This bud.tv is for you….

    Would you go to a web page specifically to watch commercials? Budweiser hopes that your will.
    Beer makers have been known for a long time to make great commercials, usually because there is a perfect mix of comedy and good looking people having fun. Bu…

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