Sharing what I find interesting

First, if you don’t know what RSS is you should read this.

Then, the cool stuff
Many bloggers post huge amounts of articles that are simple links to the interesting stuff they find around the web. I try to only post articles here at when I have something to share. More than a simple link. But I spend quite a bit of time reading other web sites and updating myself on new technology. A lot of the stuff I find is of high quality and interesting to share. But not enough for a separate article here on this blog. Here is the solution.

I am currently using Google Reader to keep track of the hundreds of web sites I try to check regularly. With Google Reader I can mark articles with “shared” to add them to a separate feed that I can share with my readers here at In other words, a page with all the stuff that I find interesting enough to share with anyone that cares.

If you want to benefit from the hours I spend reading interesting blogs and web sites you can follow this site: Eirik’s shared items in Google Reader

Or add this feed to your RSS reader. Or simply check the dynamic list in my sidebar to the right. Just below “Recent Comments” you now find “Interesting from other sites”.

Sharing what I find interesting

2 thoughts on “Sharing what I find interesting

  1. Good idea. There’s a link to the shared items at the end of the list in my sidebar. The “Read More…”-link. I’ll have to see if I can change that one as well.

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