Same old mistake

In my previous post I forgot to include a direct link to the video I embedded. For the people that subscribe to my blog with my email update from feedblitz or read my blog in an RSS Aggregator that don’t support that kind of object embed they won’t have a quick way to get to the Blendtec iPod video. So here it is: direct link to “Will it blend? – iPod”

…and a bonus link to “Will it blend? – Glowsticks”

Last but not least: is this really a problem? I can see that I now have close to 800 people subscribing to my feed. You are among my most valuable readers and I want to treat you well. NewsGator and GoogleReader support embedded video in the feed, but what about the other readers?

Same old mistake

4 thoughts on “Same old mistake

  1. I guess some readers are ahead of others… As RSS feeds go from the traditional short summary to full fledged articles in the feed I guess more readers have to start supporting more advanced HTML and scripts.

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