What is your dream presenter?

I have been asked to come up with names of speakers that would be excellent for presentations on the future of the media industry. At this point I can suggest people from the top of the line, then we’ll have to be more realistic regarding price and availability when we have our list of dream presenters.

I left out Steve Jobs because I guess he is totally and utterly out of reach… But I have suggested Chris Anderson, Cory Doctorow, Seth Godin, Joi Ito and Guy Kawasaki. And I am absolutely sure that I have left out huge amounts of interesting people.

Comments are open. What is your dream presenter for the subject of new media. And why?

What is your dream presenter?

16 thoughts on “What is your dream presenter?

  1. …and I think Jeff Jarvis would be able to talk about a lot more than newspapers. And by the way, what’s the difference? Newspaper, television, radio, magazines. On the internet it seems like we’re all the same.

  2. Guy Kawasaki and Steve Jobs …

    When they are on the stage, you can always feel their passion … And when they are off, they leave an impact on you …

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