Mozy Backup for Mac

I have been using Carbonite to back up my 100 GIG collection of images to remote servers from my Windows box. Now I need a simple and easy solution to back up from my Macs instead.

Mozy just released a limited beta of their backup client for Mac OSX. Limited, because it has only been communicated to the people that have specifically asked to be updated about the Mozy client for Mac.

I have tested Mozy on one of my windows boxes for a while and it works very well. Set it up, choose the folders and file types to back up and forget. Until you have a major disk crash. At that point you can restore your files to any computer through the web interface.

Mozy provides a free option that gives you 2 GB of storage. And an unlimited option that gives you… …surprise: unlimited amounts of storage. That last option will set you back $4.95 a month.

Carbonite have been working well so far, but after testing Mozy I must admit that Mozy adds some very valuable features:

1. Web access to your files. You can restore to any computer.
2. A Mac version!

In addition to this I like the Mozy interface better and feel that in general I have better control of my files.

The official Mozy client for Mac will be out in a couple of weeks. I am testing the limited beta right now and it seems to be working fine.

Mozy Backup for Mac

8 thoughts on “Mozy Backup for Mac

  1. Olav says:

    Any experience so far? I am thinking of using it to backup about 16Gb data (150 000 files from a few kb up to 500Mb). Since my big files gets bigger every day I need incremental support for files.

  2. Works perfectly well, but the beta I am running don’t support incremental backup yet. It did on Windows so I assume they will add that to the mac version by the time of release.

  3. Olav says:

    Tanks for answering so fast! I forgot to mention that I use windows so that’s looks good! Can I ask how many files and how many GB you currently backup?

  4. Currently I don’t use Mozy as my primary backup. I have only been testing it for a while. I am running Carbonite as my main backup from my Windows Media Center box at the moment. But I guess I will switch to a mac there as well. Mozy seems better than Carbonite and Mozy have a Mac client going.

    So, currently I only have a couple of GIG on Mozy. And about 110 GIG with 40 000 files on Carbonite.

    To test the incremental backup you could sign up for the free account and add some of your big files.

  5. Olav says:

    It was so cheap that I purchased 1month of the unlimited account to test it. The first calculations before it stated to upload took 30min and the program didn’t respond. I think it only have to do these calculations once so that’s ok. After that all looked good and it started to upload. My currently highest upload speed is 1.1Mbit/s, not to impressing since my connection is good for 100Mbit/s.

    Btw I had a problem with the payment since my name includes a Ø, when I replaced it with a O the payment went through.

  6. Jordan says:

    Mac mozy all in all is very good, but still is buggy. For example, it will only allow you to access on-line the most recent backup, and for this reason does not reflect the correct total amount of data that has been backed up. It’s supposed to let you access all backups that have been done in the last 30 days. Developers say they’re aware of this and working on a fix.

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