A quick story on music marketing

It’s sunday evening and I am sitting here, making a presentation for Microsoft(!). While listening to Silversun Pickups. Because Mike Arrington broke copyright law and wrote this. So I learned about this excellent band. More than 300 000 people subscribe to Mr. Arrington’s feed. And here is Techcrunch compared to MTV. But that’s on the internet. And MTV has a huge network of television channels. And MTV don’t want to reach me, they want to reach young pleople. I’m 36. Rock on!

I planned to end the post there, but people that don’t know me would think that I actually mean that a band would reach a young, record buying audience by being on MTV. Think again. Please. Young people don’t buy music. And young people don’t watch TV. Actually, being on Techcrunch is pretty darn good marketing.

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A quick story on music marketing

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