Google Body

Today I did a presentation at a marketing conference here in Oslo. I was speaking after Mr. Jan Grønbech, the country manager at Google Norway. While chatting with him before our presentations he told me about two Google products that I didn’t know of. Google Mars and Google Moon. How cool is that?

Picture 10

Of course they’re of limited use, but way cool. However those services reminded me of an excellent suggestion from Mr. M. over at the Pappmaskin. An idea about Google making a Google Body:

There should be a Google Earth and a Google Map for the body, where you could rotate and navigate the human body in 3d, and zoom in, but instead of stopping on the surface, the zoom should continue through the skin, so that you could look on all the different layers, organs etc.

I told Mr. Grønbech about this and he couldn’t hide the fact that he also found the thought interesting. So, who knows? Maybe we’ll see Google Body one day?

Google Body

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