It’s my birthday. And this is the year of virtual congratulations. SMS and MMS to my mobile are ticking in. My Facebook profile gets messages and gifts (eh.. at least one gift so far…). And, now my dear readers know it’s my birthday as well. The gift to eirikso from eirikso this year was an Elgato EyeTV 610 DVB-C digital tuner. So far it looks promising. DTV right into my iMac. Flawless syncing to my AppleTV etc. More on that later.

Have a nice day!


11 thoughts on “Hooooooraaaaayyyyyy!

  1. Trond says:

    Today is my birthday as well. And I had the pleasure to enjoy your session at Mediaforum yesterday. So, please keep up the good work, and enjoy your birthday!

  2. Hope you enjoyed your birthday as much as you enjoy you new EyeTV.

    Hopefully you will give us all a post on your overall experience with the transsision from PC to Mac. Is it just the WAF that has driven you into this or is it more?

    We are waiting for the post about Mac, AppleTV as well as your own birthday present EyeTV.

    Would be nice if you also could post your thoughts about the home entertainment for the coming years. I’m waiting for that HD-stuff to be out there and thereby I’m stuck with the monstertruck Sony 28″ for quite some time?! Buu-hu!

    What do you think is the limit when it comes to spesification on LCD-TV?

  3. A fantastic mac-lovin’ kitty, nice wishes and a reminder of some posts I have to do. Thank you.

    And, yes – I will keep you updated on my experience with the additions of some mac stuff in our house. Setting up the EyeTV on the iMac was a very plesant experience. I read on the cover of the box “in minutes you will be enjoying digital TV on your Mac” and thought “yeah, right…”. My experience with stuff like this is that it always takes hours to get it work. Not with this box. I was actually up and running in minutes!

    I’ll give it some more time and post back here with a quick report.

  4. We – your fans – are quite demanding. Since you are so lucky that you get your wishes forfilled on your birthday, the least you can do is to share them with us!

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