Free high quality streaming of movies and TV-shows

Update: is not providing premium content anymore. And according to some reports the site is full of malware. So I have removed the links to this site.

Borat streaming

On this (link removed) page you can stream huge amounts of TV shows and Movies in very high quality (not compared to HD, but compared to other streaming services I have tried). TV-Shows on this page and Movies on this page. You have to install the DivX web plugin to make it work.

And, while you’re having fun – here’s another page with links to free premium content. Not the same quality, but lots of streams.

It’s the good old question of availability. If the content providers refuse to make their content available where people want it someone else will make it available. It will be interesting to see how long last…

(Thanks, Lars Frelsøy)

Free high quality streaming of movies and TV-shows

17 thoughts on “Free high quality streaming of movies and TV-shows

  1. Hehe. I said this in the article:
    “It will be interesting to see how long last…”

    Then Dazza comments:
    “your not sure how long we will last…..were in it for the long haul”

    I guess not….

  2. cloudsandskye says:

    Stay away from I went to that website and was immediately hit with a torrent of viruses, adware, etc. that somehow overwhelmed my firewall and antivirus. My operating system and browser were damaged and by the following morning my computer was unusable; all I could do was turn it on or off – nothing else worked. The disk imaging software I was using (Acronis) failed, so I had to reformat the hard drive, reinstall the operating system and applications, and recustomize my system – 2 days of full-time effort. Fortunately, I had just done a backup to an optical disc on Saturday, so my data loss was marginal. I made adjustments to my firewall that hopefully will prevent something like this from happening again. I think you should remove the posting from your blog.

  3. Too bad that Easy-TV has the malware thing, it sounded like a good idea, I checked out the alternative site you mentioned and you’re right it is okay. Thanks Eirikso for updating your post, I wish every webmaster was as responsible as you.

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