Some good resources on new media

I was recently interviewed for Telenor’s business magasine “Trigger” and was asked to give some good resources and blogs on new media and this whole Web 2.0 thing. Here is what I came up with. It’s not compele and I am sure I have forgotten some very important sites. Feel free to add your faves in the comments:

First of all, you should follow this blog. I will continue to publish thoughts on new media and the things I find interesting here on

Then you should start following my shared items from google reader. It’s the articles that I find interesting enough to share with my audience. Hours of blog reading filtered and shared!

Then, more or less from the top of my current list of blogs in my feed reader:

For startups and Web 2.0. Essential!
Jeff Jarvis comments on citizen journalism and new media. High quality!

Micro Persuasion
Steve Rubel on how the internet change marketing and PR.

New media and the whole new media scene. From Om Malik’s blog empire.
Subculture, technology and everything trendy. “A directory of wonderful things.”

Seth Godin
Essential about marketing and change.

Oyvind Solstad on new media, Macs and getting things done.

Tversover (Norwegian)
Applied Abstractions (English)
Dr. Espen Andersen on technology, business and new media.

Thomas Hawk’s digital connection
Photo, new media, media centers and the works.

Now you should learn how to use Technorati.

Here is an example. Do a search for the big Norwegian oil company called “Statoil”. Instantly you have all the recent blog posts mentioning this company. Then learn how to use an RSS feed reader like Google Reader or Bloglines. Or, start using Netvibes or Google IG as your start page. Now put that search in with you feeds and get instant notifications when a blog mention your company.

You find the feed for the search up to the right on the Technorati search result page marked “Subscribe”.

As mentioned, feel free to add your own favourites in the comments.

Some good resources on new media

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