Change of schedule

Recently I promised that I would speak at the Rose d’Or festival in Lucerne, Switzerland. However, I had to change my schedule because I need to do a very important presentation for the board of directors at the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation the same day. Colleague and blogger, Mr. Oyvind Solstad of Brilliantdays is replacing me at the Rose d’Or. I am sure it will be a fantastic presentation.

But, I will still be talking at the EBU Connect conference in the same city this friday. See you there!

…and for the people that will not be in Lucerne the next couple of days I promise to report here on the most interesting presentations. That is, if I have the time to attend to anything but my own presentation… Now I need to make it. Rehearsals tomorrow at 1800…

Change of schedule

4 thoughts on “Change of schedule

  1. When publishing presentations, wheter they are in Powerpoint or what ever, on the net, you must ad a sound- or video file. It’s like siting in the next room and listening to a movie! What’s the point???

  2. I have some thoughts on this here.

    Note the link to what Garr Reynolds has to say about SlideShare.

    I agree. If the presentation is properly done a copy on SlideShare is not worth very much. So what’s the point?

    1. It is useful for the people that attended
    2. It’s a nice preview of what a speaker does. For me, publishing like this has given me speaking assignments because people understand that this is interesting so they want the full package.
    3. Combined with more information in a blog post or on a web page a presentation on SlideShare can make more sense
    4. SlideShare gives people a possibility to comment and distribute
    5. It can actually serve as a backup because it is possible to bring up the web page and do the presentation in full screen

    ….but I’ll keep experimenting with better solutions. As I guess Oyvind will do as well.

  3. The point of putting my slide up on the net is to give the ones who saw the presentation a way to remember it. That’s the main point.

    If I wanted everybody to see everything, I would have to put up a video. Which still wouldn’t serve the presentation right because there are points that are related to the presentations that were done before me that day, and the day before. There are points that relate to the settings, the city, the country, the culture and the event where it was presented.

    So no matter how much information I put on the web, it still would be very different from seeing me doing it live.

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