Never bored

I try to carry my camera as often as possible. Photography is one of those hobbies that you can bring along a lot of places. This is the result of some time waiting at the Zürich Airport. By the way, a very nice airport.

Waiting - Self Portrait

Waiting 2

Waiting 3

Never bored

5 thoughts on “Never bored

  1. Harald Staff says:

    Nice pictures as always, Eirik.
    I’d like you to share your thoughts on “real camera” vs compact camera vs cell phones.

  2. That is worth an article alone. Until that article is ready, here’s the short story:

    I am extremely satisfied with the Canon 400D. A camera like this combined with proper optics is so much better than the best compact I have used that I can’t even compare.

    I lug it around as often as I can and I think it is worth the extra weigth and size.

    And, the camera on my Nokia N73 is close to a proper compact. When my N95 arrives a compact is really not needed anymore. Have a look at Mr. Arnesens photoset. Images snapped with a Nokia N95.

    So the conclusion is:

    Nokia N95 + Canon 400D fill all my needs right now. Compact cameras are now officially out.

  3. No, he didn’t see me photographing and because he can’t be easily recognized in the image I didn’t tell him either. When photographing in very open and official places like this I’m not that concerned about telling everyone that ends up in my images. But, I guess we all should be careful. Rules are different around the world.

    In Norway I am free to photograph whatever on official places. And I can publish images for editorial use. For commercials you need permission from people that can be recognized. But I really don’t know the rules in Switzerland…

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