The power of some words

(Image: Bangkok 1997)

You’re in this far away country and ask the taxi driver to recommend a nice restaurant. He drives you to one and when you leave the cab you clearly see that the driver receive two dollars from the waiter. You know that taxi drivers might not be the best ones to recommend restaurants, but you get slightly annoyed anyway. That bastard didn’t take you there because the restaurant was good. Simply because he got paid.

The next day another taxi driver does the exact same thing. Drives you to a restaurant and get paid two dollars from the waiter. But this time you’re more than happy and actually tip him an extra three dollar.

Why? Some words.

The second driver tells you immediately that in this city he’ll get paid by the waiter no matter what restaurant he takes you to. The amount varies. One restaurant gives him five dollars some give him less. He tells you that he’ll take you to a restaurant that will only give him two dollars because that one is much better than the one that gives him five. He wants you to have a nice meal. That’s more important for him than the extra three dollars.

That was enough. You’re happy. Of course this guy deserves that tip. But really, the situations are identical. Taxi driver. Recommendation. Get paid two dollars. The story made the difference.

Think carefully and tell the right story the next time you want to sell something, hire someone or want to impress your spouse.

(Image: Marrakech 2007)

The power of some words

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