Reversed Search Engine Optimization

(Image: Stockholm Sunset, HDR style)

A couple of years ago I wrote a very short note here on Mostly because I wanted to remember the name and address of a very nice restaurant I visited in Stockholm. When posting the note to my blog I realised I had spelled Stockholm wrong. I wrote “Stocholm”.

This error turned into what I would call RSEO, or reversed search engine optimization. The point is that ever since that error I have recieved traffic from google on that note. Traffic from people searching for “travel advice stocholm“. I fixed the typo in the headline, but the URL still says stocholm. And I think I’ll leave it that way. That typo gives me traffic.

The lesson learned is that you might want to tag your articles with a couple of typos as well. The next time I write an article about Stockholm I will stay away from typos in the article itself, but I will for sure tag it with both stockholm, stocholm, stokholm etc

And by the way, I can still recommend that restaurant. I visited it again after speaking at the Social Media and User Generated Content conference in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago. If you like luxury italian food and great wines, go ahead and visit Divino. Unfortunately they have one of those irritating flash based-impossible-to-link-to-with-popups-web-site. But again, the food and service is great! And because you don’t want to visit their site, here’s what you need: Karlavägen 28, Tel: +46-8-611 02 69.

Reversed Search Engine Optimization

4 thoughts on “Reversed Search Engine Optimization

  1. A friend of mine built a website relying on typos. searches for items listed on e-bay with typos. The theory being that these will be be missed by regular searched and will have lower bid prices.

    Anyway, when the site first started and was getting a lot of hits, he noticed that people seemed to be listing itmes with intentional typos to benefit from the traffic through his site.

    RESO in action.

  2. Lasse Elden says:

    Had any luck selling your pictures on SMugMug? Just wondering if its “more or less” easy to earn money. Not that you take bad pictures. Just wondering if it is smart to get the account with that option?

  3. Haven’t sold any images so far. My main reason for choosing SmugMug is the fact that they keep my original in full resolution while I still have the option to add a watermark server side. And the possibility to use smugmug as my image publishing system on my blog. The extra possibility of selling images is a nice one that I guess I would use a couple of times, but not very often. Because of my blog people find my images and some times people want to buy them.

    But don’t expect huge amounts of people contacting you immediately to buy images. I still post low resolution copies to Flickr because of the community and the fact that you get more people watching your images over there.

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