How to quickly compare two directories

I am in a process of organizing some of the data on my hard drives around the house. And during that boring task I needed to compare the contents of two directories. There are several ways to do that, but I liked a small program called KDiff3 enough to mention it here.

It’s free and multi platform. Download for your operating system here.

It can compare files or directories and help you merge the results if you want to.

“$RE..” is only available in directory B. “.DS_…” is only available in directory A. Everything else is available in both…

How to quickly compare two directories

6 thoughts on “How to quickly compare two directories

  1. THANKS!
    Thats exactly what i´ll need too the day i decide to organize my stuff… its been on hold for quite a while… (By only calling it a boring task i think you´re coloring a great deal… i know a few other words that describe it better…) – so again thanks, maybe ill get started now..

    (by the way, i had to type “lost everything” to submit…. coincidence…hmmm… on second thought i dont think i dare to check on my hard drives after this…)

  2. Spooky. Maybe that reCAPTCHA plugin has some very advanced predicting of events built in. Have no idea what’s going to happen to me right now. I need to type “using fashion” to post this comment…

  3. Lasse Elden says:

    This is very usefull! Thanx!

    By the way, this reCaptcha thing boosted my ego. “Almost undefeated”!
    Hopefully the pc don’t get the last word!

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