Facebook and Twitter and friends

People keeps comparing those services. I don’t get it. They’re completely different. Twitter is an open conversation and a place where you meet new friends. Facebook is a closed conversation and a place where you meet old friends.

I just did a quick count. On twitter I follow 299 people. And 37 of them are friends to the level that I would have said hello if I met them on the street. On Facebook 151 of my 200 friends are at the same level.

That said. Currently I rarely visit Facebook. And I use Twitter all day long.

Facebook and Twitter and friends

5 thoughts on “Facebook and Twitter and friends

  1. A friend of mine came with an interesting comment the other day. She said that nowadays it’s hard to keep track of people’s email adresses. People change jobs so many times and she’s constantly forgetting to update her address book as soon as someone notifies her of a new e-mail adress. She loves Facebook because then she knows she’ll be able to reach whoever it is she wants to reach, because she knows that facebook will contact whichever email adress that is current. I thought that was a charming characterisation of what facebook is. It doesn’t have to be used every day – it’s just lovely to know that it’s there now that most of us have filled up our friends’ lists with whoever we feel we might want to get in touch with at some point.
    Having said that – I wonder what will happen if Facebook suddenly closes down.
    Virtual Worlds are often troubled with closure like Disney’s Virtual Kingdom and Asherons Call 2. When Facebook is so large and there’s so many people who’ve stored pictures a.s.o on there. Even better (sadistic me) – what would happen if Facebook closed down without any warning whatsoever. Would people just shrugg and say “ahh – whatever – I was ready for the next thing now, anyhow” – or would it disrupt communication in some way?

  2. Facebook = peoples private email…

    Personally I’ve never understood why people would want to use corporate email to anything but corporate stuff. What’s wrong about Gmail?

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