Web TV is a hit. So where’s the big money?

Regular readers have noticed that I have had way too much to do lately. How would you know? Because this blog has been updated about once a week this spring. I don’t like that because I love the community of people reading this publication and all the interesting people I meet because of my blog. I have absolutely no plan of discontinuing eirikso.com, so hang in there. I will keep on posting interesting stuff here.

Still, I can recommend subscribing to the feed or email update. As you understand you won’t be overloaded…

Right now I popped by to give you a link. To an article that I find very interesting. And yes, that’s where the headline for this post was stolen: Web TV is a hit. So where’s the big money?

(Found it via gapingvoid on Twitter)

Web TV is a hit. So where’s the big money?

3 thoughts on “Web TV is a hit. So where’s the big money?

  1. B5 says:

    Don’t worry you have readers that are also toobusy to check any blog, so when I see that you’re appologizing for not refreshing, I noticed that in my RSS reader there are three post from you I haven’t read.

    So, excuse me 🙂

    Bytheway I had a talk on Blogres and your posts on presentation helped me.


  2. The web 2.0-collapse: “I don’t have time to publish crap because I’m busy reading sombody elses crap.”

    And I hope you all had great fun on Blogres08. I have to go back to Ljubljana at some point!

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