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eirikso.com is perfect for subscription. I will not overload you with articles, so checking back here manually again and again can be boring. With an RSS subscription you get notified when I update the site. The good folks at FeedBurner has made the page with my RSS-feed look very nice and they have added a bunch of shortcuts for you to use if you want to subscribe to my RSS-feed.

You can also subscribe to my automatic E-mail update:

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And as an extra bonus I have added a complete mess of subscription buttons here:

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17 thoughts on “Feeds

  1. Just wanted to inform you that neither the RSS-icon in my browser, the link in the top menu or the link in the footer works. They point to eirikso.com/feed, wich I believe has been ditched in favour of Feedburner.

  2. eirikso says:

    Strange. I am running a plugin that should redirect eirikso.com/feed to Feedburner. And that works on my computer. I’ll have to test it on a couple of other browsers and operating systems.

  3. AsbjornM says:

    I don’t understand what you have done, but in Opera and Firefox, if you click on the subscribe link, you will get the feedburner url, but if you rightclick to copy the url, then you get the one you have in the a-href:
    [a href=”https://eirikso.com/feed/”]Subscribe[]

    But in IE, wether you click or rightclick, you don’t get the url for the feedburner link.

    I’m using Netvibes to read blogs, so it is kinda handy to get the url directly, not mocking around for it 🙂

  4. Thanks again! There seems to be some incompatibilities with the redirect to feedburner plugin.

    Now I have simply replaced the references to eirikso.com/feed with the feedburner feed. Hard coded, but it works… 🙂

  5. levi says:

    hey just curious i wana do a project on a car similer to your 40 sec of a year but i wana do more like video and tape the intire thing and have it play fast mode so it looks like the car is being bulit from ground up in about a1 hr worth of film ? if you know of software or stuff to do this with let me know! loved the 40 sec video by the way looked like my back yard

  6. bill Gomberg says:

    For someone who prefers to travel light, asking for suggetions of what lenses to buy is a sure fire recipe for achieving your goal, sorta. It would work; as applies to one’s bank account.One could indeed travel lighter by thousands of dollars with such an approach. As a former camera salesman I suggest that you’d do better to think in terms of a craftsperson preparing for a project and prior to going to work, amassing the tools needed to carry out the task, then either renting or purchasing the specific hardware required to carry out the project.

  7. Har sendt deg en epost med spørsmål om du vil holde foredrag på to konferanser, men har ikke fått noe svar. Så nå prøver jeg her, men det er jo ikke egentlig et sted for en slik invitasjon. Hvor vil du jeg skal sende den?

  8. Hei Eirik, Kulturbransjen har begynt sitt inntog på twitter, og i dn forbindelse er det uttalige meniger om hva man skal legge ut av meldinger. Filharmonien har vært på twitter en liten stund, og på kort tid fikk vi lagt ut en del tweets, med god hjelp av din “fem tips for suksess på det sosial nett” fra sep.09 på Nrk Beta. Ganske raskt har det meldt seg alle mulige meniger om siden vår, så jeg lurer på hva syntes du ?-og finnes det egentlig noe fasit på på hvordan , men som du sier: gi-delta-foreslå-del ut cred??

  9. Laura says:

    I would like to download the video one year in 4 seconds, please let me know what I need to do, this video will be a part of a video in HD that we will use in Mexico City.
    I’ll be waiting your answer.
    Thank you
    Kind regards,

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