eirikso.com just moved to a new server

So. We’re over at the new server. Now you can start commenting on all the stuff that’s not working. Files that I forgot to move. Plugins that I forgot to install.

Of course I hope everything works out fine. I’m back on Dreamhost, on a “Dreamhost PS”-based server. Meaning that I have my own protected space on one machine. Please let me know if you find my site slow or unstable. It shouldn’t be. At least not in the US. Depending on the traffic over the Atlantic it might be a bit slow here in Europe.

Also, use this post as an excuse to tell me what you would like me to write about! Or throw in a comment just to tell me that you’re out there… According to Feedburner more than 1000 people subscribe to this blog and according to Statcounter something between 1000 and 2000 users are visiting every day. A whopping 1.8 million users have been here since I started using Statcounter back in 2005. But the best motivation is still those good old comments from real readers!

When moving back to Dreamhost I also found that I have five pretty decent invitation codes if you consider them for hosting. The invitation codes will give:
– Up your plan features to 2TB disk and 20TB bandwidth!
– Give $150 off a 5-year signup or $200 off a 10-year signup!

But maybe you would want to wait a couple of weeks. So that I can share my experience with Dreamhost anno 2008 before you select them. They have some very user friendly functions and a very powerful control panel. One click installs, one click upgrades, one click google docs and google mail etc. But that’s all useless if they’re slow and unstable. I’ll get back here with my experience.

Anyway, if you want to use dreamhost right now, comment here and remember to put in a valid email in the form (not in the comment itself) and I’ll send you a code.

eirikso.com just moved to a new server

12 thoughts on “eirikso.com just moved to a new server

  1. Your site seems a lot snappier now than on your previous webhost. I use Dreamhost myself, but not the PS option and my site is at times realy slow.
    Do you have stats on Dreamhost on how much memory you use?

  2. You get exactly what you have on your current plan. I have unlimited domains, unlimited subdomains, unlimited email accounts, unlimited users. 600+ GB of storage etc…

  3. Congrats on choosing Dreamhost PS! I’ve been thinking about it myself for a while (not because of the traffic, more because I need the room to experiment with my various projects), but Rackspace’s MOSSO has grabbed my attention even more, and the pricing isn’t too bad.

    Also read Harper Reed’s (skinnyCorp – Threadless, yay horray, extra tasty) recommendations for hosting in this blog post: http://www.nata2.org/2008/03/02/awesome-hosting-options/

  4. mod_php version:
    PHP 4 or 5. This setting does not apply to any websites using php as cgi.
    Currently: 4.4.x

    – But as far as I understand my wordpress sites runs php as CGI, so this doesn’t apply?

    PHP cache:
    Improve php performance with a compiled code cache (XCache). This only provides any benefit for websites using mod_php or FCGID.
    Currently: inactive

    Should I activate it?

  5. Been switching between DreamHost and regular hosting connected to each domain the last years. IMO DreamHost is a must if you got a little traffic or got more than one domain.

  6. Mark H says:

    Just wanted to share some codes of my own, they’re single use so grab them before they’re gone! Each one will:

    # Up plan features to 2TB disk and 20TB bandwidth!
    # Give $150 off a 5-year signup or $200 off a 10-year signup!

    Here are mine:


    And if those are used, use INSANE70 for up to $70.00 off!

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