Going to IFA – slightly transparent

I just posted an article about Hasan Elahi on the Norwegian blog I’m contributing to. Mr. Elahi is the artist that exposed his whole life on the internet when the feds started following him.

I’m not going to pull an Elahi here, but as part of my experiments with GPS technology and my iPhone I’ll be posting my position live on the intertubes from time to time during my trip to IFA in Berlin.

The map in this post will be updated with my position and a track when I’m online. I’ll also post some messages on Twitter and some geocoded images on Flickr. I know that I have a tight schedule in Berlin, so I can’t promise immense amounts of information, but now you’re informed of my tiny experiment.

GPS tracking powered by InstaMapper.com


(Yeah, I know. The map is slightly too big for my layout.)

Direct link to the map. Direct link to a mobile version of the map.

Unfortunately, the maps will not auto update. You need to refresh. And due to the limited battery and no multitasking on my iPhone I can’t track my whole trip.

We’ll see how it goes. Will this provide any useful information for anyone? Will it be too much work for me?

Going to IFA – slightly transparent

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