Test images from my current cameras

My available cameras today (shot with my 5D2, so it's not in the image)

As part of some experiments I’m running I snapped more or less the same image with all the cameras available to me today. The devices you see in the image above in addition to my 5D Mark II (that I used to snap that image…). Simply because I wanted to be able to compare some details.

And my conclusion? Once you go full frame you never go back. If I’m shooting anything even remotely serious I’ll bring my 5D2. Now if someone could give me a full frame digital compact with the size and weight of my old analog (and indeed full frame) Olympus XA

By clicking on the image you get through to flickr where you can have a look at the original full size image.

Canon 5D Mark II
Test - Canon 5D MkII

Canon SX200 IS
Test - Canon SX200 IS

Nokia N95
Test - Nokia N95

Canon 400D
Test - Canon 400D

Canon Powershot S50
Test - Canon Powershot S50

Apple iPhone 3G
Test - iPhone

Test images from my current cameras

8 thoughts on “Test images from my current cameras

  1. Yes. The iPhone is actually not that bad as long as you have immense amounts of light and you don’t want to do anything close. And in this shot it’s the perfect distance and huge amounts of light.

  2. Eirik,

    This is cool. I just picked up a Canon G10, and think this would be a cool experiment to do against my Nikon D300, D80 and LG VX8700 mobile.

    I do have a question. I can understand with mobile phones that you may not be able to adjust aperture and focal length, but is there a reason why you have varying apertures and focal lengths on the DSLRs and point-and-shoots? I would think some of the variance in image quality (SOME) could be attributable to those slight differences.


  3. Guess it’s because I’m lazy…

    The 5D2, 400D, S50 and SX200 have manual controls and could have been synced regarding aperture.

    I simply snapped all the images on auto mostly to see how the cameras performed during regular use.

    But yes, a test like this could have been done with a much more scientific approach. 🙂

  4. Thanks for reminding me of this post when we last met as you gave a great presentation about Social Media in Oslo (The Norwegian Computer Society).

    I’m convinced: iPhone 3G has a good enough camera for capturing my daily life to be documented on my blog. However, It’s hard to give up Nokia and the good, old Symbian phones you know 🙂

  5. Lars says:

    Må si jeg er veldig imponert over Nokia N95 i forhold til Iphone. Selv om det er fint med ff, har det jo svært liten praktisk betydning på bilder som dette og størrelser som begrenser seg til gratiskonto på Flickr.

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