My presentation from the Open Video Conference

I recently visited New York to attend the Open Video Conference. I was invited to take part of a panel discussing Public Media, Open Content, and Sustainability. But I also did a presentation during a session of lightning talks.

(No, Mr. Arnesen. This image is not HDR. It’s 5D Mark II + 15mm f2.8 fisheye + DXO Opticts pro + Lightroom, Photo: Eirik Solheim / licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Norway License.)

I had 7 minutes giving an example from one of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation’s experiments using YouTube and added some general thoughts on why we need to be the best provider of our content.

If you have attended any of my presentations during the last year or so this is known material. With only 7 minutes available I decided to put together some proven and tested stories. The story of Heinrich Stammler and a quick use of my now pretty well known image of a certain park in Oslo.

Martha Speiss recorded the presentation. You find it embedded below.

The Open Video Conference was an excellent event with lots of interesting sessions and huge amounts of brilliant people. They’re in the process of making everything available at the OVC web site.

My presentation from the Open Video Conference

4 thoughts on “My presentation from the Open Video Conference

  1. Takk! Det visste jeg ikke. Kan komme nyttig med.

    Noen ganger vil jeg ha lydene (når jeg skal sjekke om lyden virker…) og noen ganger bruker jeg min Logitech fjernkontroll for å styre volumet. Da er jeg jo litt langt unna shift-knappen.

    Men, som sagt: det blir en god del situasjoner fremover der jeg kan slippe å plage mitt publikum pga. dette tipset. Sånn er det når man aldri leser bruksanvisninger. 🙂

  2. […] Last year, Eirik blew us away with a hilarious lightning talk about YouTube and cultural difference based on his experience with NRK. This year, he’ll be expanding on those themes as one of several public media luminaries who will discuss strategies for “being the best provider of your content.” […]

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