Thunderstorm in Oslo

Thunderstorm in Oslo – July 2009 from Eirik Solheim on Vimeo.

We’ve had 30 degrees Celsius and fantastic weather for the last couple of weeks. But today we had the most serious thunderstorm I’ve seen so far in the five years we’ve been living in this flat. A couple of minutes later and I have learned that my 5D Mark II survives huge amounts of rain. And it is capable of capturing lightning in HD…

At the end of the video I helped the storm stopping using a simple dissolve…

Thunderstorm in Oslo

4 thoughts on “Thunderstorm in Oslo

  1. Stu says:

    Very cool, especially hearing and seeing the rain – followed by the lightning – HD adds that element of clarity. Glad you are enjoying your camera. I have never been to your country, so it is very interesting to see the vegetation, the buildings, the colour etc..


  2. …and I’ll have to add that this thunderstorm was serious compared to what we’re used to in Oslo, but compared to what I’ve seen in Asia and Florida this is nothing… 🙂

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