EyeFi + iPhone personal hotspot + ShutterSnitch works!

I am currently testing different solutions that will give me an alternative tollkit that can be used when 5D Mark II + 17″ MacBook is a bit heavy…


Right now I’m testing this combination:

– My current phone (iPhone 4)
– A canon SX230HS
– An EyeFi X2 8GB SD-card
– ShutterSnitch app on the phone

The SX230HS is small enough to be way more practical than the 5D for certain trips. And good enough to be worth carrying in addition to the camera already in the iPhone.


But I also need the speed and simplicity of publishing that the camera in the phone gives me. So I was plesantly surprised when I could conclude that my EieFi-card talks directly to my phone when the personal hotspot is activated.

If I run ShutterSnitch on the phone while the hotspot is active it happily receives images directly from the camera when I turn it on.

There are some issues with a lost connection after some inactivity but I’ll keep experimenting.


The images in this post are snapped with the SX230HS, transferred directly to the phone, edited and and added to the article. Everything on the go.

EyeFi + iPhone personal hotspot + ShutterSnitch works!

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