iPad vs. Bird

While out testing an audio recording software on my iPad a bird is singing close by. So I record it.

When I start editing I realize that the bird answers to the audio on the iPad. So I grab my phone and try to document this cute conversation between the bird and the iPad. Or… the bird and itself.

I’m using MultiTrack DAW on the iPad. A Røde Video Mic and an IcematAudio external USB audio capture card connected to the iPad camera connector kit.

iPad vs. Bird

7 thoughts on “iPad vs. Bird

  1. Sjur says:

    Hvem er først med å legge på subtitles da?

    Seriøst! Slutt å hærme. Det er jo bare så fjortis…

  2. I like this 🙂

    Many years ago, I was helping out putting tags on birds (a ring on one foot) for tracking migration etc. And one of the things that was used to get the birds in the nets was to play a recorded song. But back then you would have to bring a tapedeck and some loudspeakers and preferrably a really long powercable 🙂

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