Yet another new toy: KK2 Micro Quad

Just recieved my KK2 Flight controller from HobbyKing. I planned to put it in one of my existing quads, but figured I had four ESCs and four motors lying around. So I could just as well build a new quad for it. The only thing I needed was a frame.

So I found a bottle of Amarone, made a good meal, had a nice dinner and made a quad frame out of the box where the bottle of Amarone used to be:


Flight Controller: KK2 From Hobbyking ($30,-)
ESCs: 10A From HobbyKing(4x) flashed with SimonK Firmware ($26,-)
Motors: Mystery A1510 ($52,-)
Props: 5 inch 2 blade drilled to 3 mm ($3,-)
Tot: $111,-

Using 500 mAh and 1300 mAh 3S batteries. Gives 7 minutes of pretty agressive flight on a 1300 mAh pack.

I crashed the Amarone-frame so many times that I ran out of spare parts. I have now moved the parts to this carbon frame.

I also managed to destroy the KK2-controller. While waiting for a new one I’m experimenting with a baseflight-flashed FreeFlight controller and a Rabbit on this small quad. Both seems to work well. The FreeFlight is not available anymore, but with baseflight/MultiWii it is basically a very bulky Naze32 with less sensors. So, buy the Naze32 if you want a very good MultiWii based FC.

Conclusion about the KK2-controller

Very easy to set up. Love the fact that you can debug and adjust right there on the FC thanks to the LCD. Very stable rate mode but too sluggish auto level. I really hope Rolf Bakke have the time to implement the AHRS algorithm that utilize both the accelerometer and the gyro when in auto level mode. Right now the auto level mode is only good for slow hovering and maybe some help if you loose orientation.

But as you can see from the video in this article. That $30,- board makes my micro quad built from cheap parts steady as a table and loads of fun to fly!

And the Amarone-frame? Takes a lot of beating, but I managed to crash it bigtime.

Luckily I had some spare parts from the same wine bottle box so I managed to fix it and make it even better…

Yet another new toy: KK2 Micro Quad

2 thoughts on “Yet another new toy: KK2 Micro Quad

  1. Lyle says:

    I have been following your posts on quad copters with great interest. I plan on building my own soon, based on your experiences to date. I plan to use the quad copter to video some canoe and kayak races, over the water. With only 8 minutes of flight time, I think that I will send up the copter in short 2 minute flights, take the video, transfer to my MacBook, then do another short flight. If the copter runs out of power, I assume that it will float. Thanks for freely sharing your experiments!

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