One year worth of images give some amazing videos

I made three new videos of 2009 with my 5D Mark II last year.
One year in 40 seconds from Eirik Solheim on Vimeo.

So far I’ve made two videos of the images I describe in this article. The one here at the top and another two minutes version. Read on to learn how I did this, to see the other video and to download the videos and images in high quality. And if you want to watch this video here at the top in HD quality you have to click through to Vimeo.

The story

Back in 2005 I did an experiment shooting images out of my window for one year. It turned out pretty cool and in the end of 2007 I decided to do the same. But in much better quality.


So I started shooting images with my Canon 400D. From the same spot each time, but not through my window. I found a spot outside that gave more or less the same framing each time I placed my camera. So, I went out on our balcony snapping some images at pretty irregular intervals all through 2008 .



Each time I snapped the following images:

3 exposures @10mm (Canon EF-S 10-22 F3.5-4.5 USM)
3 exposures @17mm (Canon EF-S 17-55 f2.8 IS USM)
3 exposures @55mm (Canon EF-S 17-55 f2.8 IS USM)

All images shot in RAW. The three exposures where: normal, +2 EV and -2 EV.

In addition to the images I decided to record some audio at the same place. Using my Canon S2 IS and my Canon HF10 I recorded simple background sounds trough 2008 as well. Not with exact connections to each image. More with a focus on getting audio from winter, spring, summer and autumn.

All together giving me a pretty decent range of material to put together some experiments.

Then what? The videos…

Link to this video in HD on YouTube.

At the top of this article you find a 40 second version that show one year. Using the 10mm wide angle images. Right above you find a two minute version made from the 55mm zoomed in images.

First I used Photomatix to make HDR images of the ones I decided to use. Mostly because the HDR effect makes the images flat so that the difference in light and shadows won’t disturb the transitions in my video.

Then I used Photoshop to align all the images. Placing the camera manually at the same spot each time won’t give the exact same spot. So I needed some fine adjustment. Photoshop does this. Here’s how:

First load the images you have chosen into layers by using “File->Scripts->Load files into stack

When you have found all your files make sure to check “Attempt to automatically align…

Give your computer huge amounts of time and get back when it has finished. Now Photoshop has adjusted all the images and put them on separate layers in one file. The next thing you have to do is to crop the image. Because of the adjustments the images are not the exact same size. A crop will do the trick.

When the computer is done cropping you export the layers to files. “File->Scripts->Export Layers to files

Now you have a folder with a bunch of images with the same framing. I decided to do simple dissolves between them.


And ended up with a project in Final Cut Express that looked like the image above. I didn’t want one dissolve at a time. I wanted to make some kind of flow where one dissolve is taken over by the new one before it is finished. As you can see from the timeline my dissolves overlap.

The free downloads

First of all: please comment here or contact me if you use the images. I’ll link to all cool projects made from these files!

All the images are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license. In other words: Use them non commercially as long as you give me credit and as long as you share the work you do under the same license.

For commercial use please contact me. Or you can simply buy non exclusive royalty free use by purchasing the full quality file here: OneYear40seconds1920x1080.30p.H264.mp4
It’s $99,- and the money will be spent on hosting for my projects.

For commercial use of the full quality non branded still images you can buy the complete package of high resolution stills here:


And where are the files?

10mm wide angle aligned HDR images in this flickr set.
All the images from that Flickr set in a ZIP file.
55mm zoomed in aligned HDR images in this flickr set.
All the images from that Flickr set in a ZIP file.

The audio as WAV in a ZIP file

40 second movie, 8 mbit/s H264, 1280×720 25p
Two minutes movie, 8 mbit/s H264, 1280×720 25p

But I know what I’m doing and want the full resolution RAW files to make something really cool!

Please comment here or contact me and I’ll provide you with what you want. RAW files, video footage, more audio from the same spot etc…

Whats’s next?

Eh. Well. I just upgraded my camera to a Canon 5D Mark II. Giving me a possibility of getting even higher quality footage from this nice view of some trees… Guess I’ll snap some images on my balcony through 2009 as well. 🙂

One year worth of images give some amazing videos

441 thoughts on “One year worth of images give some amazing videos

  1. I found your video on vimeo and thought you did a great job. Thanks for explaining how you create the video as well. I’ve done a similar photo project from my balcony… I might look into doing something similar to your video project this year from my balcony since my view is getting obstructed by the construction of another high rise.

  2. Brian Ehni says:

    I have Serene Saver Pro for my Macs, and have been thinking about doing this same thing using my HD video camera, only the scene would be my cousin’s dude ranch (

    You beat me to it. I’m going to add this movie to my desktop set!


  3. Curt says:

    This is awesome, great job, thanks for the instructions!

    Be careful of downloads you have been linked through major sites like Gizmodo and Digg, the traffic is coming…

  4. Todd says:

    Now that you’ve got the 5DmkII, you can set the 400D up with a computer interface cable on a tripod looking out a window (or in a sheltered enclosure) and snap one or two images per day to get a smoother, longer video.

  5. @Curt
    I considered using BitTorrent for the downloads, but so far it seems like my Dreamhost PS holds up to the traffic pretty good. It’s dynamic, so I maxed it out to a 4000 MB of RAM right now to keep it going trough the peaks from Gizmodo and all the other high traffic sites.

  6. Voet says:

    I live on a wooded ravine and your videos remind me of what it is like to live here. There is always something exciting going on. In addition to the flora, we have deer, squirrels, chipmunks, wild turkeys, hawks, owls, an eagle, mourning doves, ducks, cardinals, woodpeckers and many other varieties of birds. What sorts of animals inhabit your back yard? It would be nice if you could get them in your next project.

  7. @Voet
    Sounds wonderful. The forest you see in the image is part of a park. The animal life is mostly birds and squirrels. I’ve managed to capture the squirrels on video and with my new 5D Mark II I might get some very nice shots of the birds as well.

  8. Eirik, this is really great work — I put it up on the Arbor Day Foundation’s blog. We work with almost 1 million members to plant trees in forests around the United States, and I have a feeling everyone will really enjoy your photography.

    All the best,
    Chuck Lippstreu

  9. Donald says:

    Eric –

    These are the most serene and elegant images I’ve seen on the web in the longest time! Thank you! I’m going to use the 40 second file as my New Year’s message and give the link to the longer piece.

    Thank you again!


  10. […] Eirik Solheim es el creador de un vídeo de 40 segundos basado en las fotografías tomadas durante 365 días, para ser exactos no son todos días del 2008, de ser así no podría publicarlo hoy pero en cualquier caso casi, empezó a finales del 2007 y lo publicó el 26 de diciembre en Vimeo y el 27 de diciembre en su blog. […]

  11. Jackie Mackay says:


    I really love these. I have been a passionate AV programmer in the erly days of video. I shot 35mm (canon F1) and the accuracy of the registration was remarkable. I used registration glass mounts (dusting 6 surfaces) and pit them on a large lightbox to arrange them in order. Then I put them in alternate carousels. I had Simda high-speed projectors and a hand fader and projected them to a Umatic video machine via a virtual image precision aligned on a machine I had adapted from normal film transference multiplexer. I attached a revox 4 track and used the two outside tracks for the sound – one for the tone (which drove the machines on replay) and the other for the soundtrack. I was a pioneer and made many videos
    of outstanding quality because 35mm film transferred to video was half the image size and was accepted as high quality in those days.

    I went to all this trouble to achieve the sort of results your AVmovie showed. VERY magical and I was so happy to see the art of putting time as another element.

    I discovered that all around the country there were enclaves of enthusiasts like myself who photographed things like apple orchards, building houses, town squares, victorian postcards of lovely ladies and of course landscapes with clouds…. ad infinitum.

    The speed of the dissolve (fade from one to another), the choice of pictures that look good superimposed on each other, the colours and tone, focus pulling, the change of light and importantly the contrast consistency all had a massive impact. It’s an art form that is now only just being discovered. Time lapse and morphing rocks!!As an art it’s my passion. I used a heavy tripod – not a nudge of movement for max impact. However I also spent many hours adjusting the transparencies so that they were ‘right’ registered perfectly.

    When I collected my stuff from the developing lab I wasn’t looking for individual sparkle in the photos and people new to the art were astonished how a load of ‘normal – almost boring’ pictures could come together in such an astounding way. The subtelest of differences could be a complete WOW.

    I made films leading with the sound. I presented a ‘draft’ visual of the images on video to the musicians, they wrote the music (I always used original music as wading though 12″ long playing records from sound libraries was excruciating to me 😉

    Then the music formed the basis of the actual performance.
    I would hand fade the pictures TO the music and the results were very good. Trying to patch music or speech to the images never worked nearly so well. It was indeed
    a performance art.

    the longest programme I made was 30 minutes which was supposed to encapsulate “Britains Heritage” no less!! it was massive – It consisted of 20 modules each a different aspect of the heritage (education, music, science, castles, country houses and on…)

    And now? The only way I have found to get the registration, transitions and effects is Keynote and if I were you I would invest in a macbook if only for this purpose. Your fades are the best you could expect from the tools you are using now and well done you!!

    Right now I have carousels in the loft ready to scan-in-one-day and a digital Eos (canon lenses are better than Nikon as they have a better lens for the job – more like leica quality – (Canon and Leica lenses depend on resolution rather than contrast). A lumix has a Leica lens and I am getting one for the wide angle.

    One thing to bear in mind is that the 20 secs and one minute shows you did are great… atmospherically wonderful and simple .. but taking research into account 8 minutes is a MAX! Also music with some beat helps fend of trance and overwhelm because Audio Visual and what we used to call AVmovies are EXTREMELY powerful in their impact on the brain. Much research has been done by universities on content, apprehension, comprehension and rentention so this is not just my opinion.

    I do hope you develop this art and lead the way for the world to be percieved in new ways hitherto only glimpsed by early pioneers like Dr. Ott who also shot movies of plants moving and gyrating to pre-recorded music using time-lapse technology…. its endless.

    good luck – jackie (

  12. Chap says:

    So utterly unlike any other time-lapse photography I’ve seen, that I suspected trickery at first!

    It sounds like your decision to have staggered, overlapping dissolves really smoothed the thing out.

    So, after the HDR processing, how many distinct images did you use? (I’m guessing something less than 365?)

  13. […] Eirik Solheim ha fotografato con la sua Canon 400D la foresta che vedeva dalla sua finestra per un anno. Spiega bene anche come ha realizzato il collage di foto. Il risultato finale è il video qui sopra che mostra il passare di un anno intero in soli 40 secondi. […]

  14. Irlan says:

    What a great job you did! I used your video link on youtube to sent a happy new year message to my friends (regarding your credits and the link to your web site of course)… I love photography and nature. I’d like to give you congrats for your work done and for the nice view you have from your window 🙂

    This is the message I sent with your video to my family and friends:
    “I think the year of 2008 just past by like this forty seconds of beautiful view and we are always running against the clock to get our work done, things made and we don’t even take a minute to appreciate this gift from God to us… the nature.
    My sincerely votes for a super 2009. Let’s enjoy our life, family, friends and nature in this new year!”

    Sorry for writing errors… I’m from Brazil and English is not my first language.

    Happy new Year!

  15. LadyJ says:

    What a fabulous job! I tried doing this two years ago with a very similar view from my back porch but mine didn’t turn out nearly as well. Thanks for including the tips so I can do a better one in 2009. Can’t wait to see yours!

  16. Chris says:

    I think your project is wonderful. I loved seeing winter turn to spring, in some ways it is quite moving.

    I have a question concerning the tree branches. It seems as though they are always there and never move from the same position. Did some branches not fall off, or break? Was it never windy when you took pictures?

  17. […] Photos! More Photos One year in 40 seconds December 31, 2008, 9:57 pm Filed under: Uncategorized This is a series of images taken from the same location during the course of one year with audio captured at the same place.  For more information on this video, how it was made, and downloads** go to HERE. […]

  18. Hi, Erik – I design and lead a spiritual gathering called AWE (Authentic Worship Experience) and I plan to show one of the videos during our New Year’s gathering on January 4, at Unity Church of Independence, Missouri. Thanks for sharing your work so freely!!


  19. Hi Eirik, you might want to post the RAW files somewhere with a built-in license ala peep.code that should save you some time and it’ll be easier for your to market 🙂

  20. CONGRADULATIONS!! You are now FAMOUS! Thanks so much for the explanation above re:settings and camera recs. My 17 yr old daughter is a very talented photog and will find your advice valuable. She wants to be famous too, and from your example, now knows it could become a reality!
    Good luck to you – I hope your wonderful talent brings you a fortune, as well as much happiness!

    XO, TTownRobin

  21. joel says:

    would you consider publishing as looped film or enabling others to use as vista dreamscene (as an active desktop with vist ultimate?) would love to show off your work on my computer. see as many of these are from people like yourself who have published or uploaded for others to display on their computer. please get back to me, i enjoyed your film so much i really would like to use it privately on my personal computer. very beautiful…

  22. @joel
    I’m not using windows boxes so I have no idea how to make a Vista Dreamscene. But feel free to download the HD version or the images and make one! 🙂

  23. Nice one… I’m a newbie when it comes to photography. One Year in 40 secs and the 2 minutes version is a really nice concept. I think we will be seeing more of this kind of video in the future..


  24. What an amazing idea and gracious sharing of your knowledge. Thank you for taking the time to help remind me of how orderly and precise nature’s change can be – especially when we take the time to just observe.
    Your care and attention to details inspires me as a budding photographer to push my own envelope.

  25. MartyW says:

    I loved both the 46 sec and 2 minute version. What a beautiful way to mark time’s passing at the New Year. Thank you for the videos and the explicit directions should I ever have the time and equipment to document some part of my world in a similiar way.
    Thank you!

  26. Eirikso, Thank you for giving us this moment to enjoy. May I obtain your permission to place your video on my web site. I sell land and my clients would thoroughly enjoy your appreciation of the seasons. Pat

  27. R Yeaman says:

    Thought you might like to know…my wife is a first grade teacher and intends to use the video to teach her kids about the changing of the seasons in their science classes.
    She thought it was uber cool…I just thought you really got a lot of patience!! Cool too, but REALLY patient!
    Thanks a lot
    PS…bet ya never thought you’d be helping teach first grade science!

  28. Cool! There are lots of things happening to this video that I never thought of. This being one of them… 🙂

    Very nice that she intends to use the video in her classes. Please let me know if you have any questions about details that I haven’t answered here.

  29. daniella shannon says:

    please tell me what part of the world or america this 40 second year footage took place. I’m guessing Missouri?

  30. Emily says:

    It’s great that you took the time to do this and do it so well. I know little about photography and nothing about video, but suffice it to say, I’m quite impressed. What really rocks is that your footage made headlines – there’s so much useless garbage out there these days and yet your non-garbage made a statement. Keep it up and enjoy.

  31. I love this and have passed it on to a gazillion of my friends. That static 4-panel picture of all the seasons together… I hope you made that into notecards to send to all your friends. That’s a GREAT image!

  32. I discovered your video on Yahoo! yesterday and watched it in awe. It’s really great and timeless. I am putting it on my blog so I could easily watch it as often as I like.

    Happy new year!

  33. Very well done, Eirik. thank you for bringing a smile to my day. I’m passing this along to everyone in my address book with the hopes that it brings a little beauty to their day as well.

  34. Hey, really nice timelapse!
    just so that you know: using your “cheap” s2is, you can do timelapses much more convenient than with the 400d, at the same quality (in video the resolution of each frame doesnt matter that much, does it).
    All you need is a little non-permanent firmware upgrade called CHDK (follow the link i provided).
    Among a TON (really, at least a ton!!!) of features, this baby brings a feature called “edge overlay”, where you can save and load edges of images, giving you the ability to position the camera at the same spot in the same angle without the need of a fixed position like you did with your fence or a tripod. the script capability adds to this, so you can do all the settings you have to enter manually on your 400d will be done automatically on the s2is.
    trust me, this is no scam.
    using chdk i did for example this:

    regards, PhyrePhoX

  35. […]       摄影师Eirik Solheim用他的佳能400D拍摄下了四季变化,并使用佳能S2 IS和HF10记录下背景声音。他制成了两个高清视频,40秒的四季变化和2分钟的四季变化。Soleheim还详细介绍了他制作视频的过程,并且提供了图像文件的下载。记得这些效果多见于一些科教片,拍这个东西需要很长的时间和技巧扑捉,40秒、来感受一下奇妙的地球吧! […]

  36. Tricia says:

    That was absolutely one of the most beautiful videos I’ve ever seen! Pure art! Thanks so much for the info on how it was achieved. Peace 🙂

  37. Carol says:

    Thank you Eirik. I bet I’ve looked at your one year in 40 seconds 10 times. It is so beautiful – It makes me happy.

  38. […] Eirik Solheim ha avuto un’idea ed una pazienza (soprattutto) davvero incredibili. Nel corso del 2008 ha fotografato, ad intervalli regolari, il panorama dalla finestra di casa sua. Ha utilizzato una Canon EOS 400D sistemata sempre nella stessa posizione. Alla fine dell’anno ha inserito tutte le foto in un video di 46 secondi: il risultato è qualcosa di davvero stupefacente. […]

  39. […] Abolishing leap second could spell the end for GMT in just two years time, Civil Global Positioning System Service Interface Committee, ITU RRB Members, Korea vs. Japan, Do a Barrel Roll on the MemeDB, Do a barrel roll! (video), Kingston Fossil Plant: Natural Hazards, Magibon ☆無26★, Previous Rocketboom coverage of Make a little move on the dancefloor, 少し楽しくなる動画 (Make a little move on the dancefloor Live Reenactment) (thx Eptin!), One year worth of images give some amazing videos […]

  40. @PhyrePhoX
    I’ve seen CHDK and it looks very interesting! Unfortunately my S2IS has died. Now, if Canon could opensource the firmware on my new 5D Mark II. That would be something. We would have 25p, manual control of the video and lots of cool stuff in seconds…

  41. Hej,
    Vi har nu tittat och lyssnat på båda filmerna och är helt fascinerade! Vilket eldsjälsprojekt du skapat! 🙂 Särskilt i 40 sekundersfilmen gick det som ett sus i kroppen. Häftigt! Du inspirerar oss till fotoäventyr.
    Mvh Maria och Janne Gustafsson

  42. That’s amazing but how do you manage with the camera’s battery? you have to change it even if you have it connected to a pc. And another thing the images are not perfectly alligned even using a tripod, how do you manage? thanks, regards from buenos aires

  43. @cuki:
    This is what I have tried to explain in the article. The camera has not been mounted for one year. I have snapped the images one by one. And I used photoshop to do the latest alignments.

  44. You probably know this, but you can embed HD videos here by adding &ap=%2526fmt%3D22 at the end of the embed URL for YouTube Videos. I haven’t found a way to embed HD Vimeo videos though.

  45. @Jethro
    Yes. I’ve experimented with that, but embedding it in HD here in my layout that will only allow a width of 500 pixels didn’t really make sense.

  46. İbrahim DEMİRKAN says:

    I lıke your slide show and I am writing from Turkey. Can ı use the slide show of ‘One year in 40 seconds’ for the purpose of education. I will release it in the web site of belonging to Turkish Ministry of education.

    Thank You very much.

  47. Mitchell Sherman says:

    Very well done. Thanks a lot for the visual treat. I especially appreciate the tutorial on how you did it.
    I have done something similar but didn’t know how to make it into a movie. I’ll have to dig up the old files and give it a shot.
    Thanks again.

  48. Vadim says:

    Очень креативная работа, и, пологаю, очень сложная. Ведь, для того чтобы целый год снимать один и тот же пейзаж необходима недюжая сила воли и выдержка. Еще раз отмечу, что работа весьма интересна.
    Удачи в творческих поисках в далнейшем! 🙂

    Eirikso inserted a Translation from Google Translate:
    Very creative work, and pologayu, very difficult. In fact, to a year to rent the same landscape nedyuzhaya requires willpower and perseverance. Again, I note that the work is very interesting.
    Good luck in the search for creative dalneyshem! 🙂

  49. just thinking: it could’ve had simulated the day and night, also. split the time of the daylight in 365 parts so everyday you delay the hour of taking the photo, so to catch the sun in another position, and still going trough the seasons.

    still, it it a great project and i know is not easy to achieve such thing, congrats 🙂

  50. amisnaru says:

    Awesome video there.
    Are you planning on doing another one, maybe with nighttime shots?
    That’s not something you see often in timelapse videos.

    – fellow human from finland

  51. When I recently upgraded from 400D to 5D MarkII that left me with a 400D that could be placed somewhere permanently to do a proper timelapse. Maybe night shots could be a good idea…

  52. Oscar says:

    Excellent job!!! I want to tell you that I’d like to use this video and images for academic issues. I am an elemntary bilingual teacher and I am sure that my little first graders are goin to enjoy this job very much. Of course I am going to explain the source… Is there any problem if I use your material??



  53. Oscar says:

    let me tell my students more about you…

    Where do you live?
    What is your major?

    I do not know, whatever you want they know anout you…


  54. […] This short video from Eirik Solheim is made from a series of images shot from the same spot over the course of one year. He used some pretty cool tools in Photoshop to align the shots and make it work. He also recorded audio throughout the year. All details on how this video was made are on his website at […]

  55. eirini says:

    i think its great the fact you show how you did all this amazing video and your wonderful pictures!

    you are the best! i really loved your work :))
    wish you the best!

  56. Lou says:

    These are very cool videos, however I have to question how real they are. I noticed that on both videos, a year in two minutes and a year in 40 seconds, the branches the trees don’t move one bit. I find it hard to believe that through the year there was no wind at all to move the branches a millimeter. Yes you could say that the pictures were taken on days with no wind, but the weight of the snow would have brought one branch down a little bit. That makes me believe its the same picture with effects added later.

  57. Unfortunately I don’t know how to explain how I did this in more detail than I’ve already done in this article.

    I thought it was pretty clear that I used Photoshop to match the framing of all the images. Not adding any advanced effects, but automatically matching the images.

    Meaning that they are slightly rotated, stretched and moved. To adjust for the far from perfect match in framing between each image.

    Whatever. If you want to believe that the video is fake you are free to do so.

  58. […] Posted by zmau on August 28, 2009 Images from the same spot through one year. Audio captured at the same place. All details on how this video was made, another video of these images and a place to download all the footage here: […]

  59. Vurderer å starte et lignende prosjekt, bare med video tatt en gang hver uke eller noe sånt, warpe sammen 52 forskjellige 4 sekunders klipp, begynner på nyttårsaften med fyrverkeri og slutte hvor det startet, blir vrient å klare å vente tho 😀

  60. Hey eirikso,
    I used your Pictures to create a little video about a beloved poem by Friedrich Sassoon. No commercial intention!
    I simply like to watch it myself. Hope you like it, too!
    Best Wishes from Germany!

  61. The 5D2 has been with me in my bag for one year now. Traveling in all kinds of conditions. So far I’ve shot 10986 images and hours of video. And it hasn’t failed one single time. It’s the best camera I’ve ever had and a fantastic tool! 🙂

    And, I’m working on the 2009-version of this project. But with HD-video from the 5D instead of stills. So far it looks cool.

  62. thanks a lot, you gave me a big help for my project! i’m still taking pictures but you tip about stacking the files into layers helps me a lot. No raw for me though, i’m too lazy for that

  63. Charles Packer says:

    These images are good candidates for presentation on your Web site via Javascript. This would give much better resolution than a YouTube video (though not such a big audience!). Check out my seasonal time-lapses at

  64. Phil says:

    Hi Erik: I am Norwegian decent and saw you on TWC from Oslo with your 40 second version of one year.I have sent emails to friends telling them of this wonderful website and visual treat.
    It is interesting to say the approximate months to yourself while the film rolls. It does add a visual perspective to the passage of one year of our life.
    Suggestion:I live 90 minutes from ” The Big Hole” as we call it or The Grand Canyon and I have seen one day versions done where you see sun up to sundown, but one year would be difficult unless you had a very reliable set up in an arranged environment like a Hotel.
    The Grand canyon Association has a website and the Kolbe Museum is out on the South Rim. Because if the uniqueness of your images, they MAY want to help you set up a camera at a protected and monitored location. It’s a thought as your images are ripe for such a venue as it would include summer thunder storms.Good work and keep it up.

  65. Quality photo… really impressed with how you’ve done this, would make a great poster is you have the photo saved in high res… don’t think I would have the patience 🙂

  66. Shaun Monson says:

    Hi Erik,
    I’m interested in your One Year in 40 Seconds video to use in a documentary film called Unity. Let me know if this is possible, and how to proceed. I can send you a link with a featurette of the film so you’ll know a bit more about the project.

    Unity is a follow-up to my last film Earthlings, a somber look at how humanity treats animals for economic purposes, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. Anyway, I hope to hear back from you. All best!


  67. This is absolutely amazing, great job. Would also be good as a little flip book where you could flip through the whole year. Wish I had the time and patience to do something like this, hats off!

  68. […] Images from the same spot through one year. Audio captured at the same place. All details on how this video was made, another video of these images and a place to download all the footage here:​2008/​12/​27/​one-year-worth-of-images-give-some-amazing-videos/ […]

  69. […] Images from the same spot through one year. Audio captured at the same place. All details on how this video was made, another video of these images and a place to download all the footage here:​2008/​12/​27/​one-year-worth-of-images-give-some-amazing-videos/ […]

  70. It is interesting to say the approximate months to yourself while the film rolls. It does add a visual perspective to the passage of one year of our life.
    Suggestion:I live 90 minutes from ” The Big Hole” as we call it or The Grand Canyon and I have seen one day versions done where you see sun up to sundown, but one year would be difficult unless you had a very reliable set up in an arranged environment like a Hotel.

  71. P.M.K Mohamed Fazil says:

    Wow!!! what a great website really one can learn much more about these photos session and videos recording Technique.
    One who hates photography will love to do after browsing this website Hats off!!!

  72. Jasson Wallace says:

    This is awesome, great job, thanks for the instructions!
    Be careful of downloads you have been linked through major sites like Gizmodo and Digg, the traffic is coming…

  73. […] 到eirikso.com看看幕後拍攝與製作過程: Categories: WEBSITE Tags: EIRIKSO.COM, INTRO, MOVIE, SCENARY, SEASONS, VIEW, VIMEO, WINDOW, YEAR, 一年, 介紹, 四季, 影片, 推薦, 攝影, 網站, 記錄, 風景 Comments (0) Trackbacks (0) Leave a comment Trackback […]

  74. mertz jonathan says:

    what a great video!
    teacher in france, I would like to share it with my pupils at school.
    thank you to let them enjoy it.

  75. Edit says:

    This is dead amazing, uppercase job. Would also be healthy as a immature throw fact where you could engage finished the unit gathering. Desire I had the instance and patience to do something equal this, hats off!

  76. darren says:

    hi amazing video i am trying to do the same thing but which version of photoshop did you use as i am not able to manage my photos the same way with the version of photoshop i am using. thanks.

  77. darren says:

    do you know if the function or a similar function is in photoshop elements 9 editor which is the version i am currently using. thanks for replying :-]

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  79. Wow!! It’s really amazing! I’m Korean, and this picture is now a hot topic in Korea. I really respect your patience and effort. Thanks for sharing this great picture!!^^

    당신은 인내와 끈기의 달인이십니다~!!

  80. Hi~ This picture is so amazing!! So, I came here again to see this picuture. I hope you cheer up and make many pictures which are as wonderful as these. Fighting!!^^


  81. Tips says:

    Wonderful Video it’s really amazing the photos are nice too. I’ve always wanted to be a photographer but I’m really not good at it…Lol:-)

  82. Rash says:

    Hello Your work is great I would like to take your permission to download 40 days in one minute and insert on it a different sound clip and download it on you tube if that ok thank you.

  83. Hazwan Ariff Hakimi says:

    Hi, I was wondering whether I could use your ONE YEAR IN TWO MINUTES video as part of my design thesis video, purely for educational purpose? TQ

  84. patrick collard says:

    Very much enjoyed this little movie Eirik and it was just what I was looking for to illustrate part of a song that I uploaded to my youtube channel. I`ve been a musician for about 50 years and was persuaded by my Niece to cover this little Beatles song “Here comes the Sun”…I hope this meets with your approval, I have pasted the link to my video here. Cheers, Patrick

  85. Julie says:

    Hi this is an awesome video! How exactly do I download it though (40 second one) I clicked on the link but I am not sure what to do from there. Sorry I am a bit computer illiterate!

  86. Gavin Hume says:

    Love these images. As a preacher I hope to use them in a reflection on the seasons of the spiritual life (‘For everything there if a season…’).
    Thanks for making them available!!

  87. Stefano says:

    Hi Eirik, can I try to use your pictures to create a video clip for one of my songs? It’s called “5 Seasons” so it would be almost perfect. Thanks and regards

  88. Just bumped into your work researching seasons time lapse. I’ve been blogging and writing on seasons and changes and this depicte it so beautifully! Check out my Instagram page @bemadewhole! Would love to use your time lapse and tag your Instagram page!

  89. Call Me Brutus says:

    we’re Call Me Brutus, a Rock Band from Germany and searching for a Timelapse like yours for our new Music Video. Is there a chance, that we’re allowed to use it?
    Also the higher the Quality the better of course so we’ll have more freedom in post production.

    Thanks in Advance.

    Kind Regards
    Call me Brutus

  90. I do believe all of the ideas you have offered to your post.
    They’re really convincing and will certainly work.
    Nonetheless, the posts are very quick for newbies.
    May you please extend them a bit from next time?

    Thank you for the post.

  91. […] » One year worth of images give some amazing videosEirik Solheim 1 yıl boyunca bahçesini çekmiş. video 46 saniye.(etiketler: blog cool blogs art video inspiration photography tutorials photo canon vimeo nature opensource 2008 tutorial time hdr fotografia howto images photos year photoshop editing) […]

  92. francesca says:

    Hi Eirik, first of all: good job! I love your works. So, can I use your timelapse to create a video clip for a song :-)? It’s not commercial (unfortunately) it would be great. Waiting for your answer. Thanks

  93. Diane Strasser Platte says:

    I am making a short educational video about Ephemeral Art, and I plan to use your “Year in 40 seconds” as part of the intro, to show “the beauty of nature is that it’s always changing.” Beautiful work, Eirik, and thank you for making it available!

  94. Dear Eirik, thank you for creating this beautiful work. My name is Beck, and I would love to use your “Year in 40 seconds” footage in an experimental (non-commercial) short film about how we experience time differently through material and embodied experiences. The film is entitled Body : Space: Time: Mind and it aims to combine different accessible technologies so that it can be experienced by people with a range of access requirements. Thank you for making it available to view – if I was able to credit you and receive a non-watermarked copy for the film that would be great, I will then share the final project once it has been completed.

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