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Photo: Borut Peterlin / Mladina

Name: Eirik Solheim
Title: Project manager, development department
Current employer: Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK)
Lives in Norway
Contact: eirik-dot-solheim-at-gmail-dot-com
Twitter and a whole lot of sites: eirikso
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I am an experienced international speaker and do key note speeches, presentations and lectures on themes like digital media, marketing, future technologies, blogging, imaging, social media and web 2.0. Feel free to contact me if you want me to speak at your event.

About Eirik Solheim:
Mr. Eirik Solheim is working as a senior strategic advisor in the development department of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. He is leading projects involving internet services, interactive TV, social media and broadband strategies. His experience includes years of work as a consultant within the media and entertainment industry for Accenture and experience within digital production as a sound designer, editor, steadicam operator and photographer. He is the editor of NRK’s technology web site and he’s also an experienced and price winning blogger with the web page

About my current employer, NRK:
Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) is the biggest broadcaster in Norway with 16 local offices, three national TV stations, 12 national radio stations and major web sites. NRK has long been a leader when it comes to mobile content and interactive services in Europe. NRK is licence funded.

About Eirik Solheim (in Norwegian):
Eirik Solheim har medieutdannelse fra universitetet i Stavanger og arbeider nå som prosjektleder i NRKs utviklingsavdeling. Han har flere års erfaring både fra tradisjonell fjernsynsproduksjon og fra arbeid med nye medier. Solheim har også arbeidet fem år som konsulent i Accenture og er en profilert og prisvinnende blogger med nettsiden

Han er redaktør for nettstedet og er en erfaren foredragsholder. Han holder presentasjoner om nye medier, kommunikasjon og digital utvikling både nasjonalt og internasjonalt.

14 thoughts on “Press info.

  1. […] I have a brief About Eirikso page here at my blog. It is brief, but I think it is important. I think it adds value to what you read here if you have at least a little bit of background on the author. Back to the alligators. To the right you can see the picture of the sign with a bit more context. The last time we where here we had a big alligator called Ollie living in the small lake at the golf course outside our window. He is not there anymore. Rumor says that he started a diet that included one of the gardeners at the course. Bad idea. Anyway, I managed to snap this picture back in 2004: Of course I didn’t feed him. And I don’t need the threat of a $500 fine to not consider feeding a gator like Ollie… […]

  2. […] This video is comprised of 44 images taken throughout the year at random intervals from Eirik Solheim’s living room window. For being a relatively simple idea, he produced an interesting video. […]

  3. […]   Eirik Solheim hat in zeitlichen Intervallen jede Menge Fotos an der selben Stelle gemacht, aus seinem Fenster vermutlich. Hier könnt Ihr die Jahreszeiten in Norwegen als Video sehen. Ich weiß nicht genau, in welchem Teil Norwegens Eirik wohnt, aber da er über sich schreibt, dass er in der Entwicklungsabteilung vom staatlichen Rundfunk NRK ist, und diese wiederum vermutlich in Oslo sitzt, vermute ich mal, dass er irgendwo im Östlandet wohnt. Wie mensch in dem Video ganz gut sehen kann: Da regnets nicht so viel, wie in Bergen. Via BoingBoing baum bilder film jahreszeiten journalismus medien norwegen […]

  4. Patrick McConnell says:

    Mr. Solheim,

    I am a producer with The Weather Channel.
    We were wondering if we could air your video on one of our shows and perhaps speak with you in a phone interview live on the air or recorded for later broadcast.
    Please let me know your interest and availability.

    Patrick McConnell

  5. Hi Eirick,

    A friend sent me a link to your “year in two mintues” video. Fantastic! I’ve been working on a similar experiment with one photo per month, of the “same” frame, in my backyard. I currently have an exhibit of the work in Salem, Oregon, USA. Here’s a blog created for the exhibit. Enjoy! Phil Decker

  6. Jerry Marshall says:

    Hi Eirik,

    I had sent a couple of emails to your gmail address about using your EPOD photo in a book. Please could you contact me about permission and a fee. Thank you.

    Jerry Marshall

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