The irony

I’m using Feedburner to insert occational ads to my feed and to the end of some of my blog posts. It’s mainly part of the experimenting I do here on I want experience with adsense, feedburner, affiliate programs and so on. And sometimes it adds a bit of fun that I don’t have complete control of the ads that show up.

My last article asked the question “Where’s the big money?”

One of my readers sends me a screenshot where the ad has answered the question.

Screenshot of interesting ad

I don’t know if you have noticed, but with my last redesign I removed the adsense ads. Maybe it’s time to remove the feedburned ads as well. Actually I have no problem covering the $39 pr. month of hosting costs that I have on my virtual private server by running ads on this site. But my main income is knowledge from my readers, valuable contacts and secondary income in form of invitations to speaking gigs. Adding up to much more than the 2-3 dollars a day I can make with a very moderate amount of ads on the site.

What do you think? Should I remove all ads or are they non intrusive enough to stay?

The irony