How to build an amazing lantern of ice

Yes – completely off topic regarding the internet, media centers, marketing and new media. You know, the stuff I usually write about here on But it has been easter holiday, cold and I’ve had several days off.

First, ensure you’ll have a couple of days with sub zero degrees. Preferably something below -5 degrees Celsius (23 F). Then fill a big bucket with water. Find a smaller bucket and place it in the water in the big one. Find something to put in the small bucket to make it submerge in the water in the big bucket. Don’t use water in the small bucket. Use small stones or something else. I found a part of wood.

The small bucket will float around in the big one, so you might want to tie it up to make it sit still in the middle of the big bucket. You need about 5 cm (2 inches) of water around and under the small bucket.

Now leave the bucket outside for a couple of hours. I needed about two days in -5 to -10 degrees Celsius (23 – 14 F).

When it is completely frozen remove the weight in the inner bucket and fill it with hot water. This will melt some of the ice to make it easy for you to remove the inner bucket.

Depending on the temperature you might need to pour some hot water outside on the big bucket as well. To be able to remove it.

When removed, make some holes along the end. When you place it on top of a candle you need some air to flow into it. When finished, light a small candle and place the block of ice on top of it.

Now wait for the evening to arrive and have fun watching these amazing lanterns.

But the heat from the candle will melt the top of the lantern! Yes, but it will keep looking cool. 🙂

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How to build an amazing lantern of ice