9 thoughts on “Videos and downloads

  1. pink says:

    sr, can u tell me about programme, which u use to make video 120 secs ? i really like it ! send me an email ok ? thanks u so much

  2. RF says:

    Hi, i do like your work and i am going to get straight to the point; I am working on a project that requires a year long timelapse video of a tree – just one tree. please let me know if you can help or if you can recommend someone that can.



  3. Bill says:

    I would like to buy one of your videos, I’m making a music video and I would like to use 15 seconds of your one year in two minutes video

    please respond

  4. It would be very nice to make a detailed timelapse of an entire day (24 hours)… with a house or something that could shine during night… Good luck, maybe you take into consideration my idea… And make money with it… GOOD LUCK

  5. mahdi says:

    hi there,

    i am working on an architectual that has to do with change and adaptability
    this project won’t be seen by anyone apart my university tutors, and students
    i like to use your seasonal time laps…..

    hope to hear from you soon.

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