Building a quiet bleeding edge PC

Zalman CPU Cooler

Yesterday ExtremeTech featured an article about building a quiet but high performing computer for gaming. When building a computer that you want to place in your living room as a media center the question of noise is more important than the question of performance.

You need some power, but not the same kind of bleeding edge processor and graphics that gamers need to drive their advanced 3D action.

That’s why it’s interesting to have a look at people that have tried to silence a very powerful PC. By using the same methods and simply replacing some of the components with slightly lower performing components you can end up with a seriously silent media center PC.

Of course there’s always the question of looks. The important wife acceptance factor (WAF). The computer that ExtremeTech have built does not fit in on top of your amplifier. It looks too much like a regular PC. To solve that, I can simply recommend my own solution: a well ventilated cabinet with a silent fan in a noise reducing mount.

(Via Slashdot)

Building a quiet bleeding edge PC

3 thoughts on “Building a quiet bleeding edge PC

  1. Hey there!

    An alternative to installing silent fan could be to install a littel cooler form a cooling-bag (or what ever the name is). If you install this and get an adapter for normal elctricity (220V), you don’t have to have a noisy fan?

    Just a tip(?) from a amateur!

    I can see you are building many different things, so why not Reodor-felgen?

    For norwegian readers:

    Click to access 26-7216.pdf

  2. I have seen a lot of projects where people modify a fridge to work as cooling for a computer. Still, a fridge makes noise. So does the small mobile coolig solutions for caravans etc. Even small peltier elements need a fan to get rid of the heat…

  3. Gaming Computers says:

    Just a little pointer. If you have a case with a good amount of air flow you can just install a passive heatsink. The result is an ok cooling system that is inaudible.

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