One Joost beta invite

Seems like I have one beta invite for Joost that will expire on the 22nd of March. So, I’ll copy Oyvind. If you have a blog, post an article with a link to and post a comment here with a link to your article. The first one gets the invite. When you post the comment here use the email you want the invite sent to.

One Joost beta invite

14 thoughts on “One Joost beta invite

  1. josee meijer says:

    i am from amsterdam,i live in san diego and dont know anybody i really need an invite but got no money at the present, please tell or send me an invite

  2. eirikso says:

    I have set up WordPress not to publish the email when people add it when leaving a comment. So, Mr. Meijer actually left his email, but no web site and no link. Anyway, I’ll try to send him an invite. I just need to install Joost on the laptop I currently use on my summer vacation.

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