Never bored – Part 2

I wasn’t bored at the Zurich airport, and as you already know I found some entertainment in Frankfurt as well. In addition to the band and the CEO of the whole airport I just had to shoot the tunnel between terminals A and B.

A fantastic place for a 10mm super wide angle. I traveled alone, so to put a person in the image I had to use myself. And when leaving the camera on the floor, walking down the hall to let the timer shoot an image some of the other people in the tunnel started looking pretty suspicious.

But I managed to shoot a couple of nice images without being bothered by security. And apparently I am not the only one finding this spot interesting.

Never bored – Part 2

6 thoughts on “Never bored – Part 2

  1. Flew through there a few years ago, and like you I also had to take some pictures. That tunnel is fricking long, but cool. I could see someone, sometime make a complete sci-fi movie in just that one tunnel.

  2. Lasse Elden says:

    You look a bit like the singer/vocalist in Metallica. Just need to mess up that hair or now’a’days, put on some glasses!

  3. It’s the Canon EF-S 10-22mm 1:3.5-4.5 USM. And the camera is my Canon EOS 400D. I would have preferred a prime lens, but for the 400D and that crop factor there isn’t that much to choose from. The 10-22 works quite fine and is actually very nice at f5.6 and up.

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