HDR from one single image

The original exposure

My article about high dynamic range photography was more popular than I had expected. Here’s a quick follow up for the people that are hooked.

You can also make an HDR image from one single exposure if you have a camera that can shoot RAW images. These files have more luminosity information than a finished JPG and through HDR you can bring out some of it.

Three versions from the same RAW image

You simply make two or three versions of the image from your RAW editing software. One under exposed where you adjust for the highlights. One normal. And one over exposed where you adjust for the shadows. Then you use your HDR software to put them together and tonemap.

The final image. HDR from one RAW exposure.

And compared to a true multi exposure HDR to the left.

HDR from one single image

3 thoughts on “HDR from one single image

  1. Pål Jensen says:

    I tried both versions Basic and Pro (free Trail).
    My experience is that the basic is too basic, but the pro version looks promising to me.
    I tested some shots in RAW on my Canon 400D. I used the function of tone mapping directly within Photmatirx and was satisfied with the result.
    The clear advantage of this is that you only need on image (RAW) itâ??s a one step solution within the SW with in my view acceptable (god?) results.


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