Some images from IFA 2007 Berlin

Back when I published some HDR images from Berlin i promised to put some more images from IFA online. My main mission was to do a presentation at a press conference, but I managed to give the exhibition a visit and snap some images of both the IFA and a bit of Berlin as well. Here they are.

Big screen. Beautiful lady.

And I mean really big screens.

USB jewellery. I don’t smell an instant success here.

Berlin. Hip city.

This image looks pretty boring and average. But it gets an extra edge when you know that the Berlin Wall used to run exactly where the paving stones are laid down in the tarmac…

You find my complete gallery from IFA and Berlin over on SmugMug.

Some images from IFA 2007 Berlin

One thought on “Some images from IFA 2007 Berlin

  1. Mark R Burdett says:

    Great images! Especially positive when compared with the days of the Berlin Wall. Thanks, I’m calling my travel agent. Seems particularly affluent?

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