Airbus A380 over Oslo

Okay. So I didn’t bring my 70-200 f4 L IS, but I managed to get a couple of shots with my 60mm. The plane passed over Oslo in very nice weather. Pretty impressive and a plane of that size seems to fly so unbelievably slow!

They’re here in hope of gaining some ice on the plane while taking off tomorrow morning. Testing. Just testing. We don’t see many regular jumbos here in Oslo and I guessFrom time to time we see the 747 Jumbo Jet here in Oslo but this huge guest won’t frequent our airport in the near future.

Airbus A380 over Oslo

3 thoughts on “Airbus A380 over Oslo

  1. This A380-visit will probably be the only one for many years, but regular jumbos (B747) frequent Gardermoen on a regular basis. Korean Air has a freightroute from Gardermoen to Seoul, and Air Pakistan vary between the 747 and the 777 on their routes from Gardermoen.

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