Frankfurt Airport Concert – need some help…

On my way back from Bucharest I had a connection in Frankfurt and when arriving at the airport something was happening there. Huge crowds and a band playing. I always bring my camera and had about two hours to kill before my flight to Oslo. So I decided to snap some images of the band.

And while standing there shooting the band someone nearly stepped on me. And suddenly I was surrounded by professional photographers and video cameras. Apparently they where following some important guy around. Being so close I took the liberty to snap an image of this person as well.

Maybe I am utterly ignorant, but I must admit that I don’t know who this person is. Or what band was playing. Anyone out there that recognize these people? Should I have known them?

Frankfurt Airport Concert – need some help…

7 thoughts on “Frankfurt Airport Concert – need some help…

  1. Thank you very much! The amount of professional photographers would suggest a politician or something, but the lack of security around him indicated something else. And I guess I shouldn’t be too concerned about being ignorant for not knowing him. 🙂

    1. Olá!Sou revendedora de moda íntima e gostaria de me formalizar no MEI, gostaria de saber em qual categoria posso me enquadrar, e se mesmo vendendo porta a porta preciso colocar um endereço fixo?Aguardo retorno.OBrigada.Att.Viviane Bitencourt

  2. Lasse Elden says:

    Looks like Rune Rudberg is there also, just behind Dr. Bender.
    His counter is now 1001….1002….?

    By the way: “mer”,”touchdowns” – wa are supposed to fly less aren’t we? Or pay co2-tax!

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