NetCamp – Presentation and images

First of all I want to say thank you to the organizers, the speakers and the audience. Great people. I learnt a lot during the conference and had a great time in Bucharest. Both of the speakers dinners and all the socializing between sessions where very rewarding. And I learnt that in Romania there are two utterly evil Pigeons that want to end the world. Fantastic.

In the image: Hugh MacLeod

Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to attend all the sessions. When speaking at conferences there’s always some time spent preparing, talking to journalists and answering questions. But I managed to attend some of the sessions close to the one I was speaking in and experienced the entertaining and interesting session from Mr. Hugh MacLeod about social objects and the secret of the Kula.

Miel Van Opstal gave valuable advice regarding social media, marketing, and the very important word FRAM. Friend Spam. You know. All those irritating invites and all that crap. From your own friends.

In the image: Miel Van Opstal

Mr. Rodrigo Schultz shared his experience creating a successful company: don’t talk to venture capitalists. If they really knew what was going on they would have been entrepeneurs. Wouldn’t they? And scale your system. On the internet you can go from utterly unknown to utterly known in a matter of minutes. And remember that you’re global from day one.

In the image: Rodrigo Schultz

Measuring by the response from the audience, comments here on eirikso and the people I have talked to it seems like my presentation was very popular as well. I appreciate that. It’s always difficult to know what will be the right focus depending on the audience. My presentation is now up on slideshare. My style leaves most of the information to what I am saying on stage, but I have included relevant links to give it value even for the people that didn’t attend. I did 85 slides in exactly 36 minutes.

You find my Flickr set here and the same images on SmugMug here. On SmugMug you can buy the originals for professional use as well. And please let me know if anyone want high resolution copies for non commercial or personal use.

On my way to the airport I was lucky enough to get a quick ride through parts of town. Snapping some images and finally having a glimpse of more than the Howard Johnson and the traffic jam from the airport. Guess I’ll have to come back to Romania during summer some time!

NetCamp – Presentation and images

9 thoughts on “NetCamp – Presentation and images

  1. Lasse Elden says:

    Any chance you could be more “open”, “direct” and “listen” when it comes to presenting more than your slides? It’s very nice that you present your slides, but could you also post a podcast, where you quickly “walk throuh” the slides?

    Back in school I used to speak in front of the mirror. You might have a mic somewhere?

    Writing this because you have many interesting views etc. that would me more understandable if you gave us the whole story!

    Any way: Keep up the good work on your interesting site!

  2. Iulian Barbulescu says:

    Hey, Eirik. Thanks a lot for the mail. It was really great meeting you and I hope we`ll keep in touch. I`ll let you know when the interview gets published and I`ll make an English version for you. I`m really glad you enjoyed Romania despite all the things that still need to change for the better. Anyways, I`m planning on writing some stuff on a blog in English too, so I`ll come back with some need for feedback. πŸ˜› Great blog by the way. Really clean and essential.


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