Digital Life Design 08

Thanks to Rodrigo I’ve been invited to DLD 08. A quick look at the program, and I immediately get high expectations: Jimmy Wales, Jason Calacanis, David Kirkpatrick, Matt Cohler, John Maeda, Caterina Fake, Martha Stewart, Niklas Zennström, Jeff Jarvis, Marissa Mayer, Bradley Horowitz, Naomi Campbell… Wow.

But if you want me to report on any particular speaker have a look at the program and give me a comment. I will for sure attend to the presentations by the people I’ve mentioned above, but there’s a lot of great speakers I don’t know immediately by name, so please help me. Do you see anyone in the program that I shouldn’t miss?

Digital Life Design 08

3 thoughts on “Digital Life Design 08

  1. i’d make sure i would not miss people like reid hoffman, caterina fake, clay shirky or brad horowitz and the sessions about markets of mobility, media explosion, visions of energy and new playgrounds. the entire event looks promising anyways, enjoy!

    ps. are you coming to lift in geneve on 6-8 february? ( I will most likely be there.

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